Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Just Normal!

I find it funny, thinking for the longest time, that my normal life might affect my Image. The result: I hid my blog.

The heck with Image! Why will I be trying to portray an image apart from who I am? See... this whole disjoint (yeah "disjoint": I got it from Graduate School) has made me suffer severe identity issues and even personality problems ranging from self-diagnosed bipolar and multiple personality disorders.

So now, ta-daa! My blog is alive! Yea... you can even browse through my funny emo teen-age years. There's really nothing to hide because, yup, nobody's perfect anyway! And besides, I find my own mistakes really funny, so go and laugh! (I was re-reading my previous post, which read: sweat and sour fish fillet. Panalo! I have to be more careful next time though.)

I think so much have changed since my last post... But as always, I'm blogging again to prevent the emotions of my heart from overflowing into my brain by draining it through my fingertips onto my laptop... (How graphic can I be?)


randyb said...

Will be reading this blog lagi..ang iyong stalker..

Chai said...

oops, I have stalker na... ikaw lang yata magbabasa nito eh... haha... >__<