Thursday, October 06, 2011

The art of letting go...

When you get your hand inside a jar to get a coin, you wouldn't be able to get it out with a closed fist.

Today's lesson, you need to let go of some things, so you can get back what is more important to you.

A tattoo and everything associated with it 


This man that I really love as a whole person

Well, I support you, love. Whatever makes you happy, as long as you don't jeopardize your health.


If reincarnation is real, I believe that this life's main purpose is to teach me to understand people.

From a young age, I was exposed to the most bizzare and un-normal tempers of people around me.
Some might see them as emotional abusers, but I think these persons are victims themselves.

It frightens me, but at the same time, the natural curiosity in me has led me to look deeper into a person's action.
I am not saying that I am encouraging people to be emotionally abusive, in fact, I wouldn't take it, if I could.

But love is like a door that lets forgiveness in. It's like an anesthetic that soothes pain when inflicted. Love has led me to understand and be open-minded, despite the fact that I have my own set of beliefs and prejudices.

The only pain that love can't cure is the pain that is inflicted by love itself. And that pain happens out of concern for another person's well-being.

A person who does not want to be helped is helpless.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Just Normal!

I find it funny, thinking for the longest time, that my normal life might affect my Image. The result: I hid my blog.

The heck with Image! Why will I be trying to portray an image apart from who I am? See... this whole disjoint (yeah "disjoint": I got it from Graduate School) has made me suffer severe identity issues and even personality problems ranging from self-diagnosed bipolar and multiple personality disorders.

So now, ta-daa! My blog is alive! Yea... you can even browse through my funny emo teen-age years. There's really nothing to hide because, yup, nobody's perfect anyway! And besides, I find my own mistakes really funny, so go and laugh! (I was re-reading my previous post, which read: sweat and sour fish fillet. Panalo! I have to be more careful next time though.)

I think so much have changed since my last post... But as always, I'm blogging again to prevent the emotions of my heart from overflowing into my brain by draining it through my fingertips onto my laptop... (How graphic can I be?)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Happily blabbering on our drive home…

I missed my PhCh126 labmates, JP and Ian… Our session today was like the good old times! JP and Karen are REALLY good at counseling… I do hope they bag the 1st place in the PCE on wed! More practice and prayers!

After our training session in UP, I went to China town to show mommy where she can buy really nice and affordable eyeglasses in Quiapo…Good thing I remembered the shop… She got her eyes checked by an optometrist and got the perfect frames she wanted for just 700 Php! Imagine! I got my pair last year for about the same price… and they're already multi-coated lenses… the shop is not exactly in Paterno street where most of the optical shops are… It's actually just a small shop hidden around a corner but it's where some of the "mainstream" shops will eventually bring you to get your eyes checked by an optometrist… I actually like the optometrist there because she's really kind and has a sort of motherly personality...

The streets in Quiapo are already packed with the Christmas shopping crowd and there are really nice bargains for pretty Christmas decors and lots of other stuff including the typical clothes you'll find in divi and tiangges. Heaps of cheap but cute and useful giveaways flood the streets, too…

When we returned to our car in China town (we leave our car in that area because it's relatively safer and its actually impossible to park a car safely near Quiapo.), Papa was already really hungry so we stopped by the Hap Chan Restaurant ---our family favorite. It was my first time to eat at the China town branch. I still think the one in Alabang is the best branch from among those I've been too because it's way more modern and pleasant to dine in and the location is really safe. For our hungry-people-who-can't-think course, we ordered the hototay soup, sweat and sour fish fillet and yang chow fried rice… Perfect dinner!

After cleansing ourselves with tea served free by the restaurant, our China town trip wasn't complete without our final stop, Papa's all-time favorite Chinese grocery for my beef floss (I don't know why but we call it mahu at home) and of course, our pasalubong for Kuya Andrew, his favorite siopao bought from the shop across the grocery… I was happily blabbering all the way during our drive home because I had so much fun!

My Saturday was a perfect bonding day with my friends and parents! (^_^)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Life is a maze…

I somehow know where I want to go, but the path is quite confusing…

I deleted my blog, then undeleted it. Thank goodness…

I believe… I'm going to be reviving my blog any time soon… whoa. (^_^)